Origin: Sweden
Manufacturer:Saab Technologies
Type: Transportation
Wingspan: 21,44m
Lenght: 19,73m
Height: 7m
Maximum Take-Off Weight:13.155kg
Power plant: 2 GE CT7-9B, de 1.750 HP
Cruising speed: 525km/h
The Saab-340B aircrafts are the latest acquisition of Fuerza Aérea Argentina. They include last-generation technology and leave behind all LADE aircrafts, which have an average of fourty years old. Providing a better comfort and safety, these modern airplanes are designed to perform short and medium length trips adapting to the climate conditions of the southern area of our country.
Saab 340 is on second place regarding flight safety in relation to all the other kinds of the existing commercial aircrafts in the market.
POrigin: Netherlands
Manufacturer: Fokker
Type:Passengers and cargo transportation
Wingspan: 23,40m
Longitude: 27,4 m
Height: 8,47m
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 29.480kg
Power Plant and Power: 2 Rolls Royce
RB183-2 Mk 555-15P, of 4,490kg.
Maximum speed: 849 km/h
Cruising speed: 843 km/h
Range: 2.743km
The Fokker F28 Fellowship is a short-range jet aircraft designed and built by the Dutch manufacturer Fokker.
It was operated from1970 to 1975. It is the main transporter of Patagonian passengers and connects the Patagonian South
with Buenos Aires.
Origin: Canada
Manufacturer: de Havilland
Type: STOL Transport
Wingspan: 19,81m
Longitude: 15,90m
Height: 5,77m
Empty Weight: 2.000kg
Power Plant and Power:2 Pratt & Whittney PT6A-20, of 590 HP
Maximum speed: 337km/h
Cruise speed: 305/297km/h
Twin Otter is both the smallest aircraft of the fleet and the most suitable airplane for the linkage of stopovers which present orographic or quality runway difficulties.

Manufacturer: Fokker
Wingspan: 29m
Longitude: 23,56m
Height: 8,51m
Empty Weight: 10,336kg
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 20,410kg
Power Plant and Power: 2 Rolls Royce Dart Mk 532, of 2,210 shp each
Maximum speed: 470 km/h
Cruise speed: 435 km/h
Range: 2,000km


In the mid 1960s, the Argentine Air Force decided to incorporate new transport aircraft. After a careful study, the F-27 Friendship was selected; the first one arrived at our country on August, 9th, 1968. The Fokker F27 shares with the F28 its superiority performing its
tasks in the Patagonian region, thus developing a fruitful work in the remotest places. It stands out due to its versatility and operating capacity in short and unfit runways.

Origin: USA
Manufacturer: Lockheed
Type: Heavy Transport
Wingspan: 40,41m
Longitude: 29,79m
Height: 11,66m
Empty Weight: 34.827kg
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 70,310kg
Maximum speed: 618km/h
Cruise speed: 602km/h
Range: 7,600km

The Lockheed C-130 Hercules is the most versatile cargo aircraft of its kind. Required by the United States Air Force in 1951, it is nowadays used worldwide. It has become one of present aviation legends. Its most famous combat engagement was Entebbe’s rescue, in Uganda, when Israeli commands used them to free passengers from an Airbus hijacked by terrorists. During Malvinas Islands War, the Hercules was extensively used by both parties.


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